The only thing more important for your body than water is oxygen. That makes water incredibly important yet it is incredibly ignored and forgotten by most people. This article outlines 8 reasons why this simple and powerful substance needs to be at the top of your health plan priority list.

Your body is 70, 80, 90% water

1) Your body is 70%. Your brain is 80%. Your Blood is 90%, you guessed it, water. Your body is 70, 80, 90% water. So how important would you say water is for your health? It is not only important, it is essential. I could end my article right here but…….I will keep going.

2) Water is your #1 detoxifier. Everyone is concerned about detox but we forget how big of a role role water plays in that daily process. After a big rain the environment is beautiful, clean and brisk. Don’t you think your body needs that too? We clean our houses but never do adequate cleansing of our temple, our body. Just imagine not cleaning your house for a month. Because of our daily routines, our lack of nutritional education and improper diet we may go our entire lives without adequate cleansing of you body. Drinking a sufficient quantity water daily is step #1 in the continual cleansing of your body.

Proper Hydration is Central to Good Health

3) Proper hydration is central to good health. Dehydration is one of the top 3 causes of health problems. Forget how important hydration is? Just ask … a plant. No matter how much sun you give it, you can give it the best food….but if you do not give it that plant water…it dies. Guess what happens to your body when you don’t give it enough water? Better hydration means better health.

4) So many people have weight issues. Most people only focus on diet, and only for the short term at that. But water regulates your metabolism. Everyone wants to lose weight but they all forget the first step. One of the easiest things to incorporate in your lifestyle if you want to lose weight, have more energy or look younger is drinking water. Children can eat like horses 24 hours a day and don’t put on weight because their metabolism is much faster than an adult. As adults we eat a cracker and put on 5 lbs. Drinking more water increases your metabolism and makes everything in your body work better.

Need more Energy? Drink Water!

5) Need more Energy? Drink Water. We are a society out of energy. I think of every cell in your body as a small turbine. Like the tubbiness that produce energy for your lights at home your cellular turbines produces energy. If you do not drink enough water you do not have the physical material necessary to turn your cellular power plant to produce enough energy. The answer is not another energy drink. The answer is a liquid that produces energy naturally…water!

6) How many people do you know that have joint pain? A lot of them! The body’s lubricant is water, not oil like your car. It is amazing how drinking more water can increase flexibility and fluidity. Even people’s personalities can become more flexible.

7) What transports and distributes the nutrients your get from your diet to the diverse parts of your body? If you have an inefficient distribution system how are nutrients going to get where they need to go? People are spending hard-earned money on organic foods and may not be getting the benefit they think they are because they just do not drink enough water. Drinking and adequate amount of water increases the efficiency of your distribution system tremendously.

Beauty Secret #1 – Water!

8) Beauty Secret #1 – Water. The skin care industry is massive. People spend a fortune to try and stay young looking. Skin care products are made to do one thing…… counteract the effects of dehydration. Have you ever seen a raisin? A raisin is a dried out grape. No matter how much cream and moisturizer you put on a raisin, it will never be a grape again. Yet this is exactly what we try to do with moisturizers. Beauty and health come from the inside out. Take care of your internal environment and you do not have worry about your exterior.

Make drinking water and hydration a top priority in your health program. Carry a water bottle full of water with you every time you leave the house!