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The Vegan

I have been a vegetarian for 40 years. I began this lifestyle because it made me feel amazing. I did not become a vegetarian because of health reasons, philosophical reasons, ethical or religious reasons.

I became a vegetarian because it made me feel good!

During the past 40 years while eating a plant-based diet I could have been described at times as a vegetarian, a vegan, at times as a raw vegan even a pescetarian (vegetarian who includes fish in their diet). Over that time I have explored all of the  reasons a person might have for living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

There are a lot of good reasons to take this lifestyle seriously!

Of all the reasons to become a vegan, the ethical reasons were never a big part of my decision to adopt this lifestyle until the last few years. We as a family have always had animals as part of our home. They are a big part of our family. If fact we have rescued dozens and dozens of animals over the past 2 decades. I kid around when I say this, but it is actually the truth, our home is an animal adoption center. We love animals. We rescue animals. We find them a new home. 99% of the time that new home is our home.

If you have a family pet you know that they feel, care and love in many of the same ways we do. We share something in common with them, we are both feeling earthbound beings. So what gives humans the right to decide the fate of our fellow beings?

In the Bible one of the most famous Commandments is “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Are we conveniently interpreting that commandment to our benefit? The Commandment does not say “Thou shall not kill humans, but cows are OK…….fish are Ok…….pigs and chickens are OK.

I wonder how a cow would interpret that commandment?

I ask myself “If I knew that the person that made my t-shirt (clothing) was caged, abused and forced to live under inhumane conditions would I buy it?” “Would I wear it?” “Would I just sit around and let it happen?” The answer is a definite no!

How then can we let that same thing happen to the animals on earth? For food? For clothing? For sport and for entertainment?

I cannot and we shouldn’t. We as a people have taken advantage of, abused and driven to extinction many of our sister beings on this planet. You may get to a point where like me I had to ask myself “Is this ethical?’ Is this sustainable?” and “And to what extent do I want to participate in it?

Eating a vegan diet is just one part of the equation. Eating animal products is one thing. Living a vegan lifestyle is another. Using animal products for shoes, belts, clothing, make-up etc is another. Each of us has to decide which path we will take in life and to what level we will take our convictions. Each of us has to examine our conscience and decide how we treat the animals, our partners on this planet.

We continue to strive toward that perfect lifestyle that respects all other living beings we are privileged to share the environment with.

In this site we will present information that we hope helps you develop a better position and perspective on the topics of the vegan lifestyle.

Beautiful Cow Face - Vegan
“Veganism is not a limitation in any way;
it’s an expansion of your love,
your commitment to nonviolence,
and your belief in justice for all.”

— Gary L. Francione, Board of Governors Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law and Philosophy at Rutgers University School of Law-Newark.

Mother Sheep and Baby - Vegan
Beautiful Hen - Vegan