If you are drinking Alkaline Water it usually means you have an Alkaline Water Machine at home. Congratulations on taking an important pro-active step for better personal and environmental health.

In the previous article we talked about how drinking Alkaline Water helps you maintain a healthy internal environment. In this article we will talk about how having an Alkaline Water Machine helps keep the environment we live in healthy. We need both to live a healthy sustainable life today and into the future.

Here are 9 additional benefits to producing and drinking Alkaline Water at home.

1) Compared to other water purification systems there is no waste water. In todays world, where conservation and cutting back on waste are topics of great concern, alkaline water purification systems produce drinking water with little waste. Besides producing a “dead” water, Reverse Osmosis Systems create 10 times more waste water than usable purified drinking water. That is not a good ratio in todays environmentally conscious world. Any reverse osmosis system, even if it is one that remineralizes the water to produce an alkaline pH, is an inefficient, resource wasting system.

2) By producing Alkaline Water in your home we reduce our dependency on petroleum and plastic products. Plastic is a petroleum by product and millions of plastic bottles are used every single day. 17+ million barrels of oil are used in the manufacturing of plastic water bottles every single year. It takes three times the water to make the bottle than it will hold once finished. On top of that, factor in the transportation, gas, oil and pollution costs to get those water bottles to market. The carbon foot-print of purifying your own water at home and using re-usable water bottles is nearly zero making it a much more environmentally friendly process compared to the manufacturing of plastic water bottles and commercial bottling practices.

3) Using a reusable glass or stainless steel bottle for your Alkaline Water reduces your exposure to toxic chemical residue from plastics and their harmful effects on your health. They do not call water the Universal Solvent for nothing. It dissolves just about everything it comes into contact with, including your plastic bottles. Toxins in plastics have been associated with a number of health conditions including cancer, asthma, male infertility, miscarriages and more…. Did you know that Teflon is a plastic by product too?

4) The amount of plastic bottles used every day in the U.S. is estimated at 15 to 50 million bottles per day, everyday! Of the 50+ Billion used annually 80-85% of those end up in landfills or the oceans, not recycling plants. Every family with a Alkaline Water Machine or other purification system in their kitchen can reduce the number of plastic bottles used  by 7-10,000 per year!

5) No plastic is 100% bio-degradable. The best plastic is no plastic!

6) Save Money! Making one initial investment to become a water producer in your own kitchen can save a normal family $25,000 – $50,000 they would spend on bottled water over the next 10 years.

Save money! Save your health! Save the planet! Win – Win – Win!

7) A number of electrolysis type Alkaline Water Machines have the ability to make multiple waters, including an 11.5 pH strong alkaline water and a 2.5 pH strong acidic water. These 2 waters can replace all of the cleaning supplies in your house and provide a means to create a toxic-free chemical-free green household. What is better than cleaning your house with non-toxic water! This saves you more money and reduces your families exposure to harmful toxins.

8) Reduce pollution not only in our landfills but also in the oceans. Between the California Coast and the Hawaiian Islands, in the Pacific Ocean, there is a well documented area of floating plastic twice the size of the State of Texas. 100% of the worlds beaches have plastic pellets, residue from plastic pollution, mixed in with the beach sand.

9) Plastics in the ocean kills millions of fish, turtles and ocean birds every year. 100% of ocean-borne birds have plastic residue in their stomachs. They eat the plastic thinking it is food. It goes in and never comes out. They get tangled in the masses of physical pollution floating in the water that includes plastic bottles, bottle caps, plastic bags, cigarette lighters, plastic synthetic ropes, fishing lines and anything else plastic you can think of.  Many land animals suffer similar fates. Animals suffer the consequences for our behavior and lifestyle. 

Plastic Effects wildlife

As Captain Charles Moore, Founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, put it:

 “Only we humans make waste that nature cannot digest!”


Plastics in the Stomach of ocean Birds

The question for all of us is “What are you doing about it?” 

While any home water purification system will benefit the environment in many ways, Alkaline Water systems offer the best all-around benefits. They waste less water than conventional purification systems, they provide a viable alternative to bottled water and they save you money. Alkaline Water Machines produce water with the best combination of healthy properties and if you have one that produces high alkaline and high acid water you also have the means to create a green chemical-free home environment.

If you are interested in more information about Alkaline Water benefits or want to know which Water Ionizers are the best in the marketplace feel free to contact us at info@simplepowerfulhealth.com