Simple Powerful Health

Exploring the Simple Path to Better Health

Step #5 – Sun

Anatomically modern humans have occupied the earth for approximately 200,000 years. Vitamin D was discovered about 100 years ago.

So for 199,900 years we got our Vitamin D………from the Sun.

Has our world gotten so out of balance that we supplement our lack of sun? That star of light that provides us with energy, heat and growth. That star that we have been circling for the past 4.6 Billion years.

One of the best feelings in the world for me is the warmth of the sun! I used to go for morning walks every morning for years and years and bathe my body in the morning sun and warmth. I would look up into the sky with my eyes closed and think about the energy of the sun penetrating every cell in my body and stimulating healthy growth of my body the way it does for every thing on earth. I love that meditation.

Nowadays we are so limited with our time that we ignore the of very things we need for life on earth……like the sun. We work inside, we exercise inside, we eat, sleep and play inside. And when we go outside we cover up from the sun.

You Need Sun!

Points about Sunlight:

1) If you are in the sun, You are outside! You are not in an artificially controlled environment. If you are outside you are breathing fresh air! Who knows you might even do some exercise. What a thought! All you need is 20-30 minutes of sun 3-4 days a week to fulfill your Vitamin D requirements. It is a lot more fun being outside than taking a supplement.

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to an incredible assortment of chronic health problems, including Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes, Alzheimers, Insomnia and Dementia just to name a few. All we need to do is get outside!

2) Talking about supplements, I am trying to take less of them. Get in the sun and you get your Vitamin D without taking another supplement and without paying for another supplement. And when you expose yourself to the sun you cannot overdose on Vitamin D which is entirely possible with a supplement. Your body self-regulates Vitamin D production, just like it self-cleanses and self-heals, if you give it a chance.

3) Sunblocks protect you from the sun but they also inhibit Vitamin D3 production. A lot of them are also damaging to the skin!

4) Daily sun exposure makes you feel happier and more energetic.

Get Outside! Get Happy! Get Tan!


When the sun is shining I can do anything;
no mountain is too high,
no trouble too difficult to overcome.

— Wilma Rudolph

Sun, Sun, Sun…..Here we Come!
Sun, Sun, Sun…..Here we Come!

– George Harrison