Simple Powerful Health

Exploring the Simple Path to Better Health

Step #4 – Sleep

One of the secrets to better health is something most people do not put enough attention on and certainly do not get enough of……….sleep.

If we lived strictly according to the natural cycles of the day, we would be following a schedule more like the majority of animals, resting and sleeping when the sun goes down and getting up when the sun comes up.

Unfortunately the rhythm of our modern day lifestyle does not always make that easy. We work around the clock. Modern conveniences, appliances, lighting and environment control make it possible to work or play 24/7 if we want to, regardless of the natural bio-rhythm of the earth and sun.

Not only do we not get enough sleep,  we have lost the natural habit of getting to bed early and getting up when you have had enough sleep. Our natural body cycle is designed to mimic the natural cycle of the sun. Animals go down when it gets dark and they get up when the sun comes up. This is the best cycle for your natural bio-rhythms.

I for one have ignored that natural daily cycle for most of my life, going to bed really late and getting up really late or really early. Waking up with that kind of spaced-out feeling. You always feel and look the best when you are well rested during regular night time hours.

How much sleep is enough? Enough sleep is enough sleep! There is nothing wrong with 8-10-12 hours sleep if you body needs it. Get as much sleep as you want and need.

And do not listen to all of the people out there who tell you that if you sleep too much you are either depressed, lazy or something is wrong.

We must get over the carb, water and sleep phobia that is common in society. If you want to be fit and healthy, make sure you are not sleep, water and carbohydrate deprived.

If you want to reach your health goals you need the energy. You want to reach your weight loss goals right? You want to be fitter right? How are you going to do that without the proper amount of rest and sleep? How are you going to train if you do not have the energy.

Do not get into sleep and rest debt!

There is no doubt that sufficient sleep makes us feel better. You feel more alert and energetic. You always feel happier and are better able to function following a good nights sleep.

This may take a change in lifestyle but the more sleep you get the more energy you will have to do more things while you are awake. Late nights and less sleep create spaced out low energy people.

Think you are getting enough sleep? Try not drinking coffee or other caffeinated energy drinks for a few days and see how you feel. If you had enough sleep, and enough energy, you would not need them!

You need the proper amount of water for your body size on a daily basis.

You need to be carbed up eating a plant-based diet with a variety of water rich fruits and vegetables.

You need the proper rest and sleep.

These are keys to your health and your fitness.

The 2 biggest beauty secrets are  1) Drink Water and 2) Get Enough Sleep!

Beautiful Woman Sleeping

Think in the morning.
Act in the noon.
Eat in the evening.
Sleep in the night.

— William Blake