It is SoCal! It is Summer! It is Hot! Right now it is 100 degrees. I actually took a shower outside…with the hose!

Personally I love summer because of all of the summer fruits and vegetables! When it is really hot fruit is what I feel like eating. I had a fresh juice this morning. Later I had some incredible yellow watermelon and now having a large banana, mango and pineapple smoothie. Cooling, refreshing and filling.

But what should I make for vegan dinner on a hot summer day?

I happened to be going through my email and saw this recipe for an Easy, Cool, Vegan Spanish Gazpacho Soup by Spanish Chef Omar Allibhoy. So easy! So cool! So Quick! Combine with a large salad, maybe a little bread and a little avocado….Voila! A Vegan Summer Dinner made easy!


Isn’t it so simple? Take what you see and expand or detract upon it based on your tastes and particular type of vegan diet. Personally instead of bread I might use zucchini to thicken it up and I definitely would use a lot less olive oil, probably would not use any at all. In fact I do not think I even have a bottle of olive oil in my kitchen. But if you do go for it. 

Give it a shot. Try it out. I can tell you that I surely will!

Have a Great Summer!