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Step #2 – DIET!

A simple 4 letter word – DIET! No single word creates such confusion and controversy as the word, diet.

Over the past 2 years dealing with General Public I have come to the realization that human beings are the only animal on planet earth that have no idea what they are supposed to eat. Lions eat meat, Cows eat grass, birds eat seeds. For most animals there is absolutely no question as to what diet they evolved to eat.

There are no lion fruitarians.

Humans on the other hand….we eat anything and everything they put in front of us. If you ask 100 people what the perfect diet is you will get 100 different answers. If you ask 100 health gurus what the perfect diet is you will get as many answers. The most intelligent animal on earth has no idea what it should eat to keep its body healthy. That is a big problem and we have the health concerns to prove it. Don’t worry about the dogs and cats, the lions, giraffes, cows and birds, they do not suffer with cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes issues. Worry about your family because chances are they will have one of the above and that will develop out of what you are eating.

We promote a 100% plant-based vegetarian or vegan diet.

The amount of research and evidence that a plant-based diet “is” the diet we are physically suited for and the healthiest diet for us to eat is enormous. Within Vegan and Vegetarian circles there are all kinds of diet options. There are a dozen different categories of vegetarians (lacto-ovo vegeatrians etc.), then there are vegans, raw vegans, fruitarians etc. There are even junk food vegetarians! (That is one category I do not suggest). The sooner you adopt the idea that a plant-based diet is the healthiest dietary lifestyle the sooner you start to reap the benefits. Decide where you want this health journey to go. Base your decision on your current health conditions, needs and goals.

Since we believe in simple, here is a simple concept for you.

If you are having health concerns, you are overweight, you lack energy and you look older than you really are …. you are not eating enough fruits and vegetables and not drinking enough water.

Fruits, Vegetables, Water – It cannot get simpler than that! The farther away from this simple diet plan you get the more likely you will have some health concerns.

We believe that a High Carb, Low Fat Vegan Diet is the one that will produce the best health results for the most people. It also produces the best health for the animals on the planet. So on the Simple Powerful Health site we explore and outline a simple healthy diet that anyone can do and thrive on. It is healthy and sustainable for you, the animals and the planet, and that is our goal!

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Fruits and Vegetables

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”
— Ann Wigmore

If everyone in America consumed a whole food, plant-based diet, over 70% of all health care costs would go away.
– Dr. T. Colin Campbell