Last week I was doing a lot of water presentations and so I had to do something I rarely do, buy bottled water. I purchased a number of different brands, but not to drink, to test in my demo.

I happened to be in a local market buying some veggies and fruits when I saw this sign for Coca-Cola. I had to stop and take a picture because it made me think how unfriendly the times are when it comes to health. Although many people are becoming more health conscious, big business is not out to help you!

Maybe the Beverage Industry is Out to Sabotage Your Health?

So last week I bought a bottle of Aquafina. Aquafina is the #1 most popular bottled water on the U.S. market. It is a water bottled by Pepsi-Cola. That 16oz bottle of Aquafina cost me $1.69. That alone just about floored me.

After work that day I went to the market and saw these 1.25 liter bottles of Coca-Cola on sale for less money. I said………

Something is Wrong!

Water is water! Soda is water plus other ingredients added in. Things like sugar, coloring, flavorings etc…. Logically, soda should cost more than water since it is water with others things added! But it doesn’t!

And this is nothing, I can go to a market in the Hispanic communities here in Los Angeles and I can buy a 2 Liter bottle of Soft Drinks for $.99.

Here is the math comparing a Bottle of Coca-Cola and a Bottle of Aquafina.

Coca-Cola – 1.25 Liters = 40 oz

$1.09 / 40 = 2.7 cents per ounce

Aquafina – 16 ounces

$1.69 / 16 = 10.5 cents per ounce

Water – 4 times more expensive than Soda!

Based on these numbers, the industry is actually penalizing you, economically, for drinking water and encouraging you to drink more soda. Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola are big, strong multi-national companies . They control the beverage market but they do not have to control your health!

Water, essential for health!

Soda, not drinking it, is essential for health!

Think about it!