A CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) is an program that bridges the gap between the community and local organic farmers. A CSA is a collective of organic farmers who sell their produce directly to the community residents. It connects the urban and rural communities by bringing organic produce to families in the local region. CSA’s can be found all across the U.S.

If you are looking for organic produce today it is not hard to find. Most major markets now carry organics, although the price at times can be prohibitive, and since there may not be a lot of turn-over the quality and the selection may not be the best either.

Farmers Markets are also a great choice to get your organic produce. I love going to farmers markets. Not only do you get to walk around and pick your produce but it is also a great weekly social outing for a lot of people. Who does not like picking through the fruits and vegetables, sampling goodies and eating at the food vendor stands?

Farmers Markets are fun but there are a couple of drawbacks.

1) As much as I like to go, sometimes my schedule does not allow it….then what?

2) Some of the farmers travel hours just to get the market. I know farmers that travel 4-5 hours one-way to sell their produce. It is a tough gig.

3) A lot of the really small farms have great produce but do not have the resources to make the markets or sell to the large retailers.

4) Everything may look great but not everything at a Farmers market is certified organic produce.

5) There is always a certain amount of waste created when you transport, display, expose your goods to the public and then repack it to do it all over again the next day.

Working with a CSA is a great way to combat all of these Farmers Market bumps in the road.  I still like to go to Framers Markets but I do not depend on them 100%. I get a CSA box every couple weeks without spending any time, any gas or any energy. Then if I have the time to go to the Farmers Markets I buy extra things I need and specialty items. The combination of the two keeps my kitchen full of organics.

Farm Fresh to You

I mentioned in my last article i worked with a CSA for a month. Farm Fresh is the one. We have used CSA’s for much of our produce for 20 years. We were familiar with Farm Fresh because we had used them in the past. So talking about them was easy.

Farm Fresh to You is a unique CSA:

1) They deliver directly to your house.

Most CSA’s do not deliver. For most of them you need to pick up your box at a certain place and a certain time. Which is alright, but if you miss that time slot you miss your produce and you still pay for it.

2) You can totally customize your produce box.

Most CSA’s do not allow this. The weekly box is what it is. There is no way to change or substitute box contents. With Farm Fresh you can completely customize the box, picking the things you want in your box.

Here is what you get with Farm Fresh:

– Locally grown, in-season Fruits and Vegetables

– All produce is USDA and CCOF Certified Organic. CCOF is the strictest organic certification in CA.

– All produce is grown with Non-GMO’d seeds

– Farm Fresh Produce delivered to your door, when you want. Once a week, every two weeks or once a month. You decide.

– No long term contract. Sign-up and quit whenever you want with no extra charges or penalty.

– A way to try new fruits and vegetables that you may not buy at your local market. I love this aspect of a CSA.

– A super convenient way to get your healthy fruits and vegetables. They bring it to your door!

How to Get Free Organic Produce


There is another thing I like about Farm Fresh. They have a program unlike any other CSA I have seen. They have an affiliate program that pays you in Organic Produce! You can actually get free produce with this program just for talking about fruits and vegetables. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, church members, neighbors where they can get Organic Fruits and Vegetables and you can get your Organic Fruits and Vegetables for FREE, and delivered right to your door.

Here is how this win-win program works:

A regular Farm Fresh Box costs about $33.00. A regular box is like the photo above. You choose how often you want it.

When you share the Farm Fresh Message and someone signs up you get $25 in credit and they get a $10 discount on their first box.

Do you know any one interested in Organic Produce? Of course!

Do you know anyone interested in inexpensive Organic Produce? Sure!

Do you know anyone interested in Free Organic Produce? Everyone!

Could you find 30 people in the next year who would like a $10 discount on a nice box of Organic Fruits and Vegetables delivered to their door? If so, you can get a box delivered to your door every 2 weeks for an entire year, for FREE!

The best thing is, they can do it too!

Go to >> FarmFreshToYou.com and Sign Up!

Sign up for a regular box of produce. Use promo code RZXA5865 for your $10 discount.

Once you sign-up you will get a Refer-A-Friend promo code that you can share with people.

All they do is go to the Farm Fresh website and use your promo code.

That code gets them a $10 discount and gets you the $25 credit.

Super Simple!

Is there anything better than promoting better health?

Is there anything easier to do than give a way a discount and show people how to get free organic food?

I don’t think so!

Now go sign up and spread the Fruit and Vegetable message.


Eat Vegan!