Simple Powerful Health

Exploring the Simple Path to Better Health

Step #3 – Exercise, Movement!

You cannot have a complete health program without including some kind of sport, exercise or physical activity.

Total Health is a comprehensive package and requires these 4 basic components:

1) Water keeps you hydrated, flexible and cleansed. It keeps the body’s systems functioning at optimum levels.

2) Diet provides the building blocks for the type of body you want and the physical fuel to produce the energy you need to carry on with work, family and fun.

3) Exercise keeps you fit and tones your body. Certain systems only work with physical activity. Plus you’ll burn off excess stress and calories. Everyone likes to look at a fit body. When you are fit you not only look better, you feel better.

4) Sleep as much as you need every day to recharge your battery and rejuvenate your body.

Unfortunately in todays world, with hectic schedules and nutritionally deficient diet choices, people either do not have the energy to exercise or they put it at the bottom of their daily priority list. It takes a back burner to everything else going on.

Exercise, physical activity, is a key component in your health plan!

Since we are all about simple we like exercise that does not occupy hours and hours of your daily schedule. We like exercise you can do at anytime of the day and we like exercise that needs a minimal amount of equipment.

We will share with you the type of exercise we like as well as websites that provide instruction on the types of exercise we think fits into the routine of most people.

If you don’t like any of our suggestions, no problem! Choose an activity that suits your interests and physical condition and get started. Once you start, DO NOT STOP! You do not have to spend hours at it. I like to do a minimum of 15-20 minutes of exercise daily. That is it. I do it consistently a minimum 5 days a week and I rest 2 days.

I think your health and your body deserve 15 minutes a day of dedicated attention, don’t you?

Exercise daily

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.
— Hippocrates