Just thinking about going Vegan people automatically think “What am I going to eat?” It gets even more complicated when they start to think about being out in the street. At home you can keep your kitchen stocked with the vegan staples and goodies but what do you do when your out shopping and that urge to eat hits?

#1 – I am a big advocate of going out prepared. I am big on carrying a lunch box. Water? Check! Fruit? Check! Smoothies? Check! Snacks? Check! This way you are not controlled by your hunger and then break down and eat something that may not be the healthiest choice.

#2 – In 40 years of being a vegetarian I have never been to a restaurant where I could not find a vegetarian or vegan option on the menu. It is really pretty simple. I do not order anything with meat or dairy. If that time comes and I do find a restaurant with absolutely no veggie options…the solution is simple….leave! Options are all over the place now days..especially if you are in a big city.

Here is an example: Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Restaurants are all over the place (at least in Los Angeles). They serve a basic Mexican Menu. PETA just put out an article about how to eat vegan at Chipotle. Above are vegan options at Chipotle. As you look at this options you may be thinking…”These are pretty basic!” Yes they are….but getting back to basic simplicity is where you find health!

I believe that one of the biggest problems to regaining your health back is the enormous amount of options, bad options, we have in front of us every single day. Bad options and dietary confusion are killing us. If you want health, if you want to regain your health…simplify your diet!

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Rice, Beans, Tofu, Veggies, Avocado, Chips and Salsa? Add some salad and I could eat that all day everyday! And you could too! Start to figure out the food establishments that are vegan – vegetarian friendly and give them your business for providing healthier more conscious and compassionate diet options. Is Chipotle a Vegan Restaurant? Absolutely not….but if I am shopping and get hungry you bet I will remember that they have vegan options.¬†This is not about making Chipotle your favorite place to eat. This is about knowing that just about anyplace you go has some vegan and vegetarian options.

Happy Cow – Healthy Eating Guide

A great resource to find vegan or vegetarian meal options is Happy Cow at happycow.net. I just typed in South Pasadena and found 348 vegan friendly locations within a 15 mile radius of me. I think I should be able to find at least 1 place to dine, don’t you think?

So no more excuses….go out and eat…Vegan!