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Step #1 – Drink Water!

When thinking about starting a new health plan invariably you think “Where Do I Start?” When setting up this website I thought the same exact thing “Where Do I Start”. In this case the answer is the same…..Water!

Water should be Step #1 in your health plan

It does not matter if you have just adopted a new health kick or if you have existing health concerns and are trying to recuperate your health, water has got to be your first focus. It is by far the easiet step to take but one of the most overlooked and ignored. For most people water is boring. It is not exciting like superfood supplements, exciting recipes, exotic juices etc. Water is powerful and never forget that water is life, your life!

Like the planet your body is 70-75% water.

Coincidence? I think not! It is that way by design. Your body is 70% water. You literally carry an ocean of water inside of you. Your brain is 80% water and your blood is 90% water. 100% of your biological functions depend on water. You are a walking container of water. So you should learn more about it and pay attention to the quality and quantity that you drink on a daily basis. My experience has been that few adults today drink anywhere near the amount of water they need for their bodies to function correctly. Drinking a healthy, purified water (alkaline water if possible), in the correct amount for your body, is your first step to better health, better digestion and elimination, better weight control, better skin and more energy. That pretty much sums up what everyone is looking for! Water is required to detoxify and cleanse the body. Water is the transportation and distribution system for nutrients. Water regulates your metabolism. Water and hydration is the Number 1 Beauty Secret. Water is your body’s lubricant. Nothing hydrates your body better than Water!

Do not underestimate the power of water!

No mater which diet plan you choose or which exercise program your are on, without the correct amount of water and hydration, you will not reach your goal or health potential.

There is nothing simpler or more powerful for your health than drinking water!

Throughout this site we will explore water health topics. Everything from what is the best water to drink, how much you should drink and even what color your urine should be.

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Drink Water for Health

Water is the driving force of all nature.

— Leonardo da Vinci