Dr. John McDougall is one of the most respected Medical Doctors in Natural Health Circles.

He Get Results!

I am talking about results with diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, obesity and many, many more common health conditions.

In the video below Dr. McDougall shares a little bit about his 44 year medical career and how he arrived at his current ideas about health and nutrition.

He says “I am the luckiest doctor in the world….because my patients actually get well!”

What is interesting about Dr. McDougall is that the most important things he learned about health he did not learn in Medical School, he learned it on a farm. Actually it was a plantation in Hawaii and what he learned came from his patients. Imagine a doctor being schooled by his patients!

On the plantation lived 5000 people, 5000 workers. It was his job to provide medical services for the plantation. He did his best based on his medical training. He gave them the best medications available…..but they would not get well!

They stayed fat …..and sick!

The 5000 people on the plantation were made up of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Philippine, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. He learned valuable lessons by observing the families on that plantation.

Here is what he saw:

1st generation people learned to eat in their native lands. They ate a diet based on rice and vegetables. When they moved away from their native land, in this case to Hawaii, they kept their same diet.

2nd generation people started to make changes and adopt some of the local habits.

3rd and 4th generation people lost most of the native dietary habits and now ate a typical Western Diet.

What he noticed was that people who ate a diet based around rice, corn and potatoes and vegetables, no dairy and very little meat had relatively no health problems, no diabetes, no cholesterol issues, no arthritis, no MS and no heart disease. Those people were the older 1st generation people who had stuck to their native diet based on Starch.

The 2nd generation people were a little fatter……and a little sicker.

The 3rd generation people, who feared starch, ate more meat and dairy. As they abandoned eating starch, they got sick just like every other American.

Dr. McDougall learned 3 things on that plantation:

  • He learned what to eat
  • He realized an important point: When you stop doing things that make you sick…you get well!
  • To be a real Doctor, he learned that you need to feed people a diet for human beings!

History will tell you that All Large Successful Civilizations have gotten the bulk of their calories from starch.

  • The Aztecs and Maya were People of the Corn
  • The Incas ate Potatoes and when they went to battle ate Quinoa
  • The Asians ate Rice

All Hearty, Strong and Trim.

From McDougall’s point of view, the human diet is a starch based diet, rice, potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, beans and legumes, whole grains, whole grain pastas along with fruits and vegetables.

Dr. McDougall states “You are not going to fix dietary diseases with pills. You fix them with food, the correct food.” 90% of all diseases come from dietary and lifestyle choices.

Dr. John McDougall is a vegan.

He eats a high carb, whole food, starch based diet along with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The McDougall Diet includes NO meat, NO dairy and NO oils.

Check out the video. I think you will find it a very interesting point of view. And like we said in the beginning it is a point of view that produces results!