I picked up a copy of this month’s LA Yoga Magazine and inside was short article about Deepak Chopra by Lori Rischer.

Who is Deepak Chopra?

Deepak Chopra is an Indian-American, Natural Health, New Age Guru. Deepak Chopra is a Rockstar in the Natural Health New Age arena. He is the author of over 75 books, 25 of those were New York Times Best Sellers. The article I read was about guess what? A new book he just wrote! This one is about people’s relationship with food.

But that is not what got my attention. What caught my eye was what Ms Rischer learned about Deepak Chopra’s personal lifestyle and health practices. In other words some of the things he does to be healthy.

He walks a minimum of 10 miles a day (up to 20). Just a quick note, he is 66 years old. He gets plenty of sleep, meditates twice a day and eats healthy, organic food.

One other piece of advice from Mr Chopra:

Stay away from anything toxic, toxic relationships, toxic foods and toxic environments. Avoid them all!

There you have it! Simple Practices for Better Health from the New Age Guru!

Exercise, Healthy Diet, Sleep!

Sound familiar?