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Do You Like Tacos?

You do not have to leave your customs and native diet behind to be healthy. You just need to learn and use healthier foods in your typical meals.

Do You Have a Cholesterol Issue?

The percentage of people with High Cholesterol is out of control. What foods have the highest concentration of dietary cholesterol? And what is a simple plan to lower your cholesterol? Read More….

Guess Who Is a Vegetarian!

A Vegan and Vegetarian Diet is becoming a lot more mainstream. No longer is it restricted to long-haired hippies with beads around their necks. More and more famous people are making the move to a plant-based diet. Here are 9 people you may be surprised are vegetarians.

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Simple Powerful Health is dedicated to making better health easy. Our objective is to expose you to a clear path of simple, powerful health principles and practices that can make a significant difference in the health of your family, your community and the planet. We are a vegetarian/vegan blog that recognizes and respects your individuality and rights as well as that of all other sentient beings on the planet. -- Simple Powerful Health is here to make a difference! Calen Meza