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Eating Vegan When You are Not Home!

Just thinking about going Vegan people automatically think "What am I going to eat?" It gets even more complicated when they start to think about being out in the street. At home you can keep your kitchen stocked with the vegan staples and goodies but what do you do...

Being Vegan: Is it Hard?

Is it hard to be a Vegetarian? A Vegan? Many people want to make a dietary change to improve their health or to lose weight or to improve their skin...... There are so many reasons to change your diet.  I am a vegan. I have been vegetarian for 40 years. But most...

Alkaline Water: Does it Make a Difference?

Does drinking Alkaline Water really make a noticeable difference in a persons health? Yes! People always doubt the power of a simple glass of water. I hear comments like "It is only water" or "Water is Water". Worst yet I hear people call it a scam. 100% of the people...

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Simple Powerful Health is dedicated to making better health easy. Our objective is to expose you to a clear path of simple, powerful health principles and practices that can make a significant difference in the health of your family, your community and the planet. We are a vegetarian/vegan blog that recognizes and respects your individuality and rights as well as that of all other sentient beings on the planet. -- Simple Powerful Health is here to make a difference! Calen Meza